Exmoor Coast Boat Trip
The best way to see England’s highest cliffs!
Enquire or book your
Exmoor coast boat trip at
The Glen Lyn Gorge.

Look for the water jets!
 Or try phoning 01598 753207.
View Exmoor’s finest scenery!
The Bristol Channel has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world.
Lynmouth’s coastal cruises  are influenced by the weather and the power of the tides.
Our family have been Lynmouth boatmen for generations.
Over the years we have
built up a detailed knowledge
of Exmoor’s heritage coast.
Please ask us to show you remains of the limestone trade and the ruined Victorian pier, or tell the stories of the paddle steamers and the famous Lynmouth Lifeboat.
Her sister ship, Louisa II, can be seen at The Glen Lyn Gorge together with an account the of the epic overland launch to Porlock.
Strong currents and eddies attract fish; food for the birds, seals and dolphins.
Our licensed sightseeing boats sail amidst wildlife and magnificent scenery.
We can get within ten metres of the seabirds
which colonise the towering cliffs above
known as the “Hidden Face of Exmoor”.
The most beautiful part of Exmoor
has the highest sea cliffs in England,
broken by deep wooded river gorges,
and charmingly isolated sheltered bays.
Cliffs near Lynmouth
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Lynmouth Bay

Valley of Rocks

Crock Point

Woody Bay
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